New track out NOW! I Love Me // Self Love Affirmations

Earlier this year, I shared with you about my vulnerable personal journey of healing 20 years of disordered eating (Read on Medium). Through the process, I realized that it all kept coming back to loving myself more. Mindset has become everything to me. I found that using positive affirmations helped to eliminate negative self-talk and brought on a feeling of happiness and joyful emotions.

Initially released on Bandcamp, and OUT EVERYWHERE, this almost 14-min track has my voice narrating positive self love affirmations set to a peaceful ambient soundtrack, gently reminding you to love yourself! Please let me know if anything shifted or opened up for you after listening–there’s infinite ways to love ourselves. ❤️

Listen here 🤍

There’s new ways to learn from me!

We just wrapped the last 8-week Transmute Accelerator program, and celebrated by showcasing the class of Transmutants in the Transmute Festival! I also performed with my new band Future Aura!

You can catch the replay here. Check out what we’re up to and get inspired for your own show!

Want to explore new ways to level up with me?
There’s new Premium Course options:


Inside the Transmute Accelerator, you’ll harness the power of technology to create the live show of your dreams through 8 weeks of live workshops, mastermind sessions, 100+ hours of video training, and more, all led by Laura. Plus, free access to the Transmute Academy Masterclasses, where you’ll join our global community of Transmutants and have the opportunity to network and collaborate daily. Applications open until October 8!


Not ready to take the plunge into the Accelerator? No problem. With Transmute Essentials, you get lifetime* access to the Transmute Accelerator Modules. These Modules go beyond the fragments of YouTube, so you can rest easy knowing that what you need to know, is all in one place.


In Perform Your Music with Ableton Live, Ableton Certified Trainer and live show designer Laura Escudé will guide you through the creation of your first live set.


Buzzword: BURNOUT. Can you relate??!!

I sat down with Cinnamon Magazine and spoke about my past. Fighting burnout, as a touring professional, was one of the topics discussed. And what emerged (Transmute Accelerator and Academy) as a positive result.

đź’• Proper self-care can be as simple as saying “no” to projects that don’t suit me. But even for a seasoned professional, balancing work, life, and mental health, can be challenging. I tackle this by trying to center the beginning of my days around more creative work. I really try to map out my days and center it more around self-care now than I used to. I slow down and do things like yoga, meditation, and breath work. I mostly try to get my creative stuff done sooner in the day so that I have more energy. That’s something I’m working on now, trying to feel like I have a good balance between all the things that I have to do. – Cinnamon Magazine

Read the full interview here

Ruby Mountain, a former Transmutant, is working hard to get her family out of Kabul

She writes:

Hi Community,

The risk my family is facing is quickly escalating as the violence in Kabul increases as a result of the Taliban’s takeover.

As a result of the current crisis in Afghanistan, I am working with my family members who are high risk targets of the Taliban to secure their exit from Kabul. Women, children, and family members targeted for working in healthcare, schools, and television/media. We are seeking to raise $15,000. Your donation will contribute to fees related to immigration applications, legal services, and travel and relocation costs when we have secured their departure.

This is the call I received from my cousin after a terrible bomb blast at the airport in Kabul, “The number [of deaths] are far higher than what people are reporting. The civilians were bombed in a river that now runs red.” He refrained from sending me the video because he didn’t want me to be impacted by the images. No one should have to witness such devastation and heartache.

Afghanistan is one of many tragedies happening around the world right now so I thank you for taking a moment to take action for my people. It’s difficult not to feel helpless at times like this but your attention and financial contribution have the power to make a positive impact on the terrible humanitarian crisis that feels so hopeless for those directly affected.

In this time, may we continue to uplift and support Afghan women, Afghan civil liberties and Afghan cultural preservation.

Every bit counts. Donate today. ✨

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