That’s a wrap on this season’s American Idol! I’m thankful to have been asked back for a third season (mega thanks to Musical Director Kris Pooley!) and to work with the most incredible musicians and humans ever. Three intense months of work after the pandemic was definitely a MOOD and I was so thankful to be “back in the room” with folks playing music. My nose is a little sore since we were tested so much haha.

Before I worked on Idol, I had honestly never seen it. I always sort of overlooked it because I thought it was a “karaoke” show and didn’t feel I would get anything out of it. Once I started working on the show, I realized how insane the musicianship must be to perform in the band. We had to learn anywhere from 10-30 songs a week and perfect them all in a matter of days. Every single person on that stage and behind it is the ultimate badass professional and it’s an honor to witness the level of talent and professionalism amongst the band and crew.

👉 Watch my American Idol Rig Rundown

The contestants themselves are incredible. The notes they hit, the mindset they have to maintain, the pressure they are under… it’s all to prepare them for their artist careers. The ones that rise to the top are the ones that put all of the learnings into play and create their own vibe as an artist. It’s really a breeding ground for the best artists to shine through the rest of the folks that think they have what it takes.

In our Finale performance the other week, the contestants got to perform with legendary artists like Katy Perry, Chaka Khan, Lionel Richie, Lindsay Buckingham, Sheryl Crow, and more. I was honored to be able to help facilitate great performances for everyone through the work I do as a playback engineer and programmer! They even put each of our Mom’s names in the credits on Mother’s Day!

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