I’ve been at this for a long time–in fact, 20 years ago is when I discovered electronic music production and dove in head-first. But I would be lying if I said it was all sunshine and rainbows! I was a terrible producer at first and I was scared sh*tless to perform on stage! 😳

I’m an ESFP (Myers Briggs test) which is the Performer archetype. ESFPs are vivacious entertainers who charm and engage those around them. (Do you nerd out on archetypal stuff too?! 🤓)

Before college, I never had ANY trouble performing. But then I had a violin professor who constantly tore me down. He kept telling me I wasn’t good enough and made me feel inadequate. So, I started skipping the group classes where I had to play in front of everyone. I was just too concerned about not being “good enough.” It was such a departure from my fun loving, performative self!

When I moved to LA, I remember my main dream was to perform on stages using the technology I had been learning. But, it was also my biggest fear. I was so worried about making a wrong move and looking silly in front of my audience. This professor had really done a number on me.

Throughout the next few years, I worked really hard on my performances and to change my mindset. I had a lot of tough shows and they weren’t perfect… but I put in the work and they got better. 💪

Along the way, I decided that I would be the antithesis of that professor and I would dedicate my career to helping other artists to feel empowered and take the fast track to owning their own live shows!

This is the exact reason why I started The Transmute Accelerator in the first place! I wanted to create a healthy, supportive environment where NO ONE felt the way that I did.

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